Histology Services

Horus Scientific has a full menu of histopathological techniques and specializes in the development of novel methodologies necessary to meet our clients needs.

Tissue Trimming

HORUS Scientific offers the trimming of tissues and organs collected by our clients.


HORUS Scientific offers in-house prosection of formalin-fixed rodent species.


HORUS Scientific uses specific protocols to ensure the appropriate decalcification of our client's tissues to meet their histological or immunohistochemical needs .

Frozen Sections

HORUS Scientific is equipped with a cryostat and experienced technical staff to provide frozen sections as per our client's specifications.

Custom Staining

HORUS Scientific has the protocols, dyes and solutions for hundreds of routine and special staining techniques.

IHC and IF Staining

HORUS Scientific offers optimization and validation of immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent staining.

Traveling Necropsy

HORUS Scientific offers off-site prosection services involving medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, and biologic therapies

Paraffin Embedding & Sectioning

HORUS Scientific offers standard paraffin processing, embedding, and microtomy.

Cryotomy “Frozen Sections”

HORUS Scientific offers cryomicrotomy on numerous frozen tissues utilized for histochemical and immunohistochemical staining.

Histochemical Staining

HORUS Scientific offers a wide selection of routine and special histochemical stains to meet the particular end-points for our clients.


HORUS Scientific specializes in development and application of routine and novel colorimetric and fluorescent immunohistochemical markers in multiple species.

Slide Imaging/Scanning

HORUS Scientific offers high magnification slide scanner for on-line viewing and/or file delivery.Diagnostic Veterinary Services: HORUS Scientific supports independent veterinary pathologist diagnosticians with trimming, slide production, and slide scanning.

Diagnostic Veterinary Services

HORUS Scientific offers a personalized, economical, high quality biopsy service to veterinary surgeons and research labs throughout the country. All slides are read by a board-certified veterinary pathologist. We have several available, each with areas of special interests. Free formalin containers in postage-free mailing tubes are available to all of our clients. Please see our detailed page explaining all the services we offer veterinary surgeons.

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