Sending Specimens


Mail In Services:

  • All major commercial delivery services deliver to us on a daily basis
  • Contact us for any questions about proper packaging

Drop Off Services:

  • You can hand deliver your specimens at our Worcester, MA facilities during working hours or drop them off in our secure drop-off box after hours


  • Fix specimens for a minimum of 12-24 hours (time depending on size of specimen) before shipping; it is recommended to ship the sample in a smaller volume of neutral buffered formalin once adequately fixed. Horus Scientific does not recommend transfer of specimens into 70% alcohol.
  • Ship the specimen in a leak-proof container with secondary containment and absorbent material to prevent any leakage of formalin.
  • Ensure a signed SOW and specimen manifest accompanies your shipment or is provided via e-mail prior to receipt of your project. Any additional instructions not captured on the existing SOW can be included in the shipment.

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